Weekly Writing & Meditation Group

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This event finished on 14 March 2020

What is the Weekly Writing & Meditation Group?
A small group of us meets at the Pray Think Love House, 30 East College Ave., Westerville, from 10:30am-Noon each Saturday morning.  A poem is given and is read out loud.  We have a short conversation about what we’ve heard, and it is read out loud once again before we have a 20 minute quiet time to meditate on the poem’s words and its meaning for us.  Before we break for 25 minutes of private writing, we have a 5 minute walking meditation.  We write whatever comes to mind – there are no rules or expectations.  If you wish to share any thoughts, or what you have written, it is welcomed but not required!  We hope you will join us!  It’s a wonderful, low-key, meaningful practice.
Contact:  Kevin Aldridge, kevinaldridge_is@yahoo.com for any questions.