Exodus – A Diocesan Big Read – August 27, 2017 -April 7, 2018

Join us in reading the book of Exodus together!

We are at a moment as a church and a culture when questions raised in the Book of Exodus are prominent.

What does it mean:

  • to be a stranger in a strange land?
  • to leave behind all the things we thought we knew?
  • to see our communities change?

Beginning August 27, 2017 and running to April 7, 2018, Bishop Breidenthal has invited everyone in the diocese to come together to read the Book of Exodus

GO TO adsoBigRead.org:

  • Reading schedules to guide individual study
  • Descriptions of three supplementary texts we’re recommending, which should guide you in choosing the right one
  • A blog where a variety of writers will comment on the Book of Exodus
  • Worksheets for leading fifteen minute Bible studies during meetings
  • Video courses that can be used for adult forums
  • A calendar of Exodus-themed events that will be held in the diocese

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