A Musing: What do Spring flowers teach us about Easter? ~ submitted by Krys Clark, verger

A Musing: What do Spring flowers teach us about Easter?
~ submitted by Krys Clark, verger
Have you ever thought about the life cycle of Crocuses, Tulips and Daffodils? All three of these flowers start off as a bulb. In the fall, these bulbs are planted in the ground of 6 to 8 inches. They spend the whole winter dormant. The whole time the earth gets cold, and snow falls on top of their garden tomb.
When the spring finally comes, and the days get longer, these bulbs burst with life. They break the garden soil and very quickly rise and bloom. The colors of these flowers are amazing. At a time when the rest of the landscape is still dreary – no leaves on the trees and the grass not quite green – these colors shout for joy. The scent is also amazing.
Now think of our lives. We have just emerged from Pent. A time of contemplation and rest. During Lent we are encouraged to bury ourselves in self-examination, repentance, and forgiveness. We turn inwards, as if lying beneath the soil waiting for the winter to end.
When Easter comes, we joyfully celebrate. We once again shout: alleluia! Easter finery is worn, a Sunday feast is prepared, and children run around eating chocolate.
But sometimes we forget another lesson from these spring flowers. Their beauty, their scent is available to all who travel near them. They share their cheerfulness, promise and hope of upcoming warm weather and lazy summer days. I personally know that when I see tulips, I immediately think of wearing my summer sandals and lounging outside on my patio.
So, this Easter, bloom. But go beyond the Easter ham and the chocolate bunnies. Instead, spread your joy and your hope to all you encounter. The world right now desperately needs hope, love, and compassion. Be the flower and scent the world with the promise of a better tomorrow. Amen.

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