Just Mercy Lenten Book Study

2018 Lenten Study     

Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson

Wednesday, February 21st will be our first meeting to study together Bryan Stevenson’s book, Just Mercy*.  We ask that you begin to read the book as soon as you have it so we are ready for the discussion of the book by our 3rd session together.  Our initial sessions will give us background and foundation for our book discussion. Here’s the schedule for the weekly meetings and sessions:


 Wednesday, February 21st – First Session at the House, 7 pm

We begin with a wonderful video presentation by the team of Rev. Tim Keller and Bryan Stevenson.  We will watch and discuss Part One (Rev. Tim Keller) to initiate our study.

Wednesday, February 28th – Second Session at the House, 7 pm

In our second session we will complete the video presentation hearing Bryan Stevenson speak and we’ll discuss his message and the overall message of Keller and Stevenson.

Wednesday, March 7th – Third Session at the House (Remember, you’ve read the book!), 7 pm

In our third session we’ll begin to discuss the book, Just Mercy.  Using a wonderful study guide developed by the Atlanta Diocese, we’ll engage with each other posing questions, pondering ideas and sharing our thoughts.

SATURDAY MARCH 10 SPECIAL EVENT  – Movie Night at the House, 6 pm

Movie:  13th

  Wednesday, March 14th – Fourth Session at His Place, 6 pm (St. John’s, 1003 West Town St)

This is our fourth week and also St. Matt’s turn to provide dinner at His Place.  We are hoping to support this effort by attending to either help serve or engage with the guests.  This will give us the opportunity to practice one of the four suggestions Bryan Stevenson makes – proximity!

 Wednesday, March 21st – Fifth Session at the House, 7 pm

We continue with the study Guide from the Atlanta Diocese and continue our sharing on the book Just Mercy.  In answering and pondering questions about what we are learning from this book, are we being asked to respond?

Wednesday, March 28th – Sixth Session at the House, 7 pm

Finish our study and discussion and review a special presentation of the Stations of the Cross.

Incorporated in each Wednesday will be either evening prayer/compline or the Eucharist.

* The book can be purchased at any bookseller and online at several sites.  The paperback version, new, is under $10 on Amazon and in used condition, under $4.  (For anyone not able to purchase the book, a few free copies are available for anyone joining in the weekly meetings and study sessions.


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