Musings by Julia Baker-Swann & Thomas Baker-Swann

Rainbows Arch from Inside
One drop darkens a circle on the sidewalk.
I stand at the door and watch
till a hundred circles have become one.
Sun brushes water with colors of light.
Early evening and my neighbors are all inside.
Squares of honey-glow pour toward one another
in this growing dark. Around the world
children hang rainbows in windows, Christmas lights
twinkle in March and teddy bears gaze
across the street where a toy rabbit’s rose-pink nose
and button eyes peer back. Grandchildren visit
grandparents through windows—palms touch
the windowpane on both sides. A chef cooks
soup for the masses because he can. We each do what we can.
Sewing machines whir in prayer with respirators.
We breathe. We breathe. We breathe. Even when we cannot.
Italian’s sing from balconies, words for love
understood in every language.
Yo-Yo Ma bends over his cello for us all, strings
vibrate the invisible cords between us,
exposing the light within, now painted across the sky.
–         Julia Baker-Swann
These words now more than ever before our generations call out. “Then God said to Noah and to his sons with him, As for me, I am establishing my covenant with you and your descendants after you, and with every living creature that is with you (Genesis 9:8-10). And the world cries, bird and child, all hungry for the reign of stewardship, dominion, to find new meaning. If we have been given the comfort of the covenant can we not give return not as strife but as protection and creative harmony?
–         Thomas Baker-Swann

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