Prayer Partners are matched thru the end of March!  At the end of March, each person at St. Matt’s will have the following opportunities:

 If you already have a prayer partner, you have the options of:

    1. Continuing with the same prayer partner for another 6 months
    2. Requesting a different prayer partner
    3. Opt out

If you do not presently have a prayer partner but would like one, you have the option of being paired with one. Please contact Glenn by the end of March, and we can provide you with one. With your prayer partner, you can share as little or as much as you like. Prayer partners agree to keep everything confidential unless granted permission to share with others.

Personally, Angie and I have been thrilled so have someone who is regularly praying for us and for whom we are praying. Prayer gives us the strength and encouragement we need to live the Christian life. We hope, if you have not already, you will give it a try.

Glenn Myres, Life Together Coordinator


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