STEWARDSHIP- F.L.A.S.H. – Feel Love And Share Hope

Greetings fellow superheroes!
It has been my pleasure to bring the F.L.A.S.H. stewardship program to you again this year. St. Matthew’s has been making me feel loved and has shared hope with me for over 50 years now. Our congregation has more recently been focused on sharing that hope, love, and resources with our surrounding community. There is no greater joy in life than giving to others in the spirit of love and in the name of Christ. This is the time to take action. All of us have something to contribute. Perhaps one of your talents is wearing a red spandex costume?? Boy do we have a place for you!!
Search your hearts for what it is that you can joyfully contribute to our mission. Know that you are loved, no matter what your response may be. As I said in the latest video, maybe you have some ideas that you would like to share with us on how we can better serve the community around us. St. Matthew’s can always use fresh ideas.
2020 has been a challenge in how we can outwardly share, given the command of social distancing. 2021 and beyond will be a challenge financially as we lose some of our funding help from various programs in the Diocese. Take some time to reflect on your pledge card.
Thank you again for listening to me and allowing me to offer ideas from my heart. I truly miss interacting with all of you and look forward to working with you on our F.L.A.S.H. mission this upcoming year.
Bob Zust, Co-Junior Warden
Dear St. Matthew’s brothers and sisters.
As Senior Warden and de facto Parish Administrator, I get to see all the action taking place at St. Matthew’s on a weekly basis. And it is a lot! Much more than expected in this time of shutdown.
Thanks for keeping up with your pledges. We are close to meeting our financial pledge goals for the year, so do not let up. Also, we could use more volunteers in the Time and Talent part of our pledges. That would make it possible to better serve us and the community.
So, as we enter a new year let us think about what we can do to serve Christ through our commitment to St. Matthew’s ministries and mission. To assist us in our preparations for 2021, please complete your pledge card (either mailed copy or the online copy) by January 10.
Peace to you and your family,
Clifton Flemister

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