Welcome! You found us! We are grateful for your visit, and we hope that we can meet you soon.

St. Matthew’s is quite a unique gathering of Episcopal followers of Jesus Christ as we practice being a church based on relationships without a building to call home. The adventure of being a church defined by radical hospitality and sustaining relationships more so than by a church building has led us to settle our offices and community space in an Episcopal House called “Pray. Think. Love.” (A home that also provides a community chapel, library, and meeting space.) We share our prayer and worship space with the Uptown Westerville community, as we hold our Sunday morning worship at a local Irish pub, and weekly prayer offerings on front porches, sidewalks, and streets. So, you could say that St. Matthew’s is a “hybrid” community of both the “6 day” and the “7th day,” where our imperative is to be welcoming to religious and non-religious, those who are liturgical/sacramental and those who just want to take it to the streets.

We know that God is not finished with us, and that we are a pioneer people in a glorious exile that is revealing what it means to be an ancient future church. Come and join our song!