What do you like most about St. Matt’s? – Survey results

We are thrilled with the results of the recent St. Matt’s survey. Here are some responses to the question, “What do you like most about St. Matt’s?”

The warmth and friendliness of the congregation, the shared joy in worshipping together, spiritual guidance, being part of a global church, the music ministry, opportunities to serve, etc. There are more, but those were at the top.
  • The casual ambiance, the people who attend and Fr. Joseph.
  • Family
  • The blend of formality (high church) and casualness. The people. The sermons. The community outreach.
  • I think the honest caring members of St. Matts is the strongest selling point for this church. The universal understanding that Episcopalians like everybody is evident in every gathering (even virtually) prove that.
  • I like how welcoming the St.Matt’s community is. Everyone makes you feel like you belong.
  • That it is like a very caring loving family!
  • Mainly the feeling of family. And that this church has a heart for everyone, no exclusions. And how resilient it continues to be since 2013 when they left their longtime worship space. I’m just so proud of St Matt’s. And I particularly like the priest! He has such a loving heart. 🙂
  • It is a tight-knit, open community of members and leaders trying to live their faith by loving God and their neighbor.
  • The people who ensure a welcoming and accepting environment.
  • All the people who welcomed me and made me feel so comfortable and made it easy to fit in.
  • The people, the connectivity, even if we don’t see or hear from one another, you know that you are on someone’s mind and in someone’s prayers. In times of trouble, you can feel hands on your shoulder.
  • Choir
  • Being a Community
  • Closeness of the parishioners.
  • That our St. Matt’s church community is like a big caring family!
  • They are LGBTQ friendly. They are not sexist. Either can serve equally to anyone else.
  • Friendly people that make me feel at home!
  • I feel love and acceptance without judgement when I am in worship and church gatherings. Father Joseph is a visionary leader, an eternal optimist who always shows kindness and grace always rooted in love.
  • I love the people of St. Matthews and our resilience and adaptability. We have a core leadership group who is creative in overcoming challenges.
  • The warmth of the people, the heart, the acceptance of everyone.
  • The welcoming atmosphere and diversity of the community.
  • I like the friendliness of the people and the commitment to Gospel justice in the world.
  • The community of loving, open-minded people.
  • the community

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