YEAR END MUSINGS ~ submitted by Krys Clark

~ submitted by Krys Clark
Like some people, for me this time of year is always a time to reflect. I examine my thoughts and goals from last year. Did I do everything I wanted to? What did I do? What do I want to accomplish this upcoming year? My goals for last year were what I thought, at least at the time, realistic. I was looking forward to spending time visiting my parents down in Florida in the late spring. On a more personal level, I was going to work on getting out more, being less of an introverted homebody and being involved in my community more.
Well, as 2020 unfurled, we all had our lives upended. I never made it to Florida this year. And instead of making my way out into the community, I found myself working at home and going out as little as possible.
My spiritual life was upended radically as well. Church stopped being a “group activity.” And I found myself paired with Clifton Flemister to find a way to stream services out to the community. Neither Clifton nor I had any streaming or broadcasting experience. We both had to do a lot of researching, talking, testing and implementing. We upgraded our equipment when we could and found as many low-cost alternatives as possible. Sometimes we were able to bring in equipment that we each had and sometimes someone stepped in with a donation to help along the way.
And of course, the IT streaming team has a third member, Joseph Kovitch. Our own Father Joseph took on the roles of livestream personality, inspirator and my personal favorite: that-guy-with-not-much-IT-knowledge-but-wants-to-try-lots-of-things (insert me rolling my eyes and shaking my head here). But seriously; when it comes to making sure the St. Matthews family could at least get some spiritual connection while quarantined, there is no greater champion than Father Joseph.
Now, I miss church the way it was before COVID-19. I miss being able to see all of you in person. Being a member of this church family while separated and quarantined is not easy. I know many of you feel disconnected. I know I feel disconnected at times too. But the one thing I discovered within myself this year was that as I gave of myself, my time, and my IT talents, I was able to reconnect to all of you in some small way. And that has made a world of difference for me spiritually this year.
So, I challenge each of you during this time of stewardship and as you are setting your goals for 2021. As you are considering your monetary pledge, consider pledging a little bit of yourself as well. It does not have to be anything big or fantastic. Maybe it will be something as little as staying in touch and joining a book discussion on Zoom. Maybe you can share some time and be present at the office to answer phones for a few hours when needed. Or maybe you would like to become part of the worship team and read lessons during the service. There is a myriad of small tasks that can be done to help each other and stay connected. If you need an idea or just need to know what is needed, please contact the office.
Connect. Be the church.
Thank you,

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